Butler: Greater Good

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Written by: Nathan P. Butler
Cover Design by: Grant Kempster (GK Studios)
320 pages, 5 x 8 trade paperback


Also available at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, Powell’s, BooksAMillion.com, and other major bookseller sites. Or better yet, support your local bookshop and order this book from them online or in-person!

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A fight from the future…occurring in the present.

In 2265, the American Regime dominates our hemisphere, ruled by a powerful nobility: telepaths. While this gifted minority rules over the normal human majority, society enjoys stability and security. But this version of the future comes with its own set of problems and acts of rebellion. A formidable telepath and rebel against this paranormal ruling class has traveled back through time in a driven effort to eliminate this future oppressive Regime.

Now, a law enforcement officer from this future, Cray Ellis, and an unwitting FBI agent from our present, Carla VanderVall, must stop this ‘Redeemer’ before he can act in the name of the…greater good.

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