Beauty and Catechesis (The Small Catechism Illuminated by Sacred Art)

thoma-feeding-lambsAuthor: Rev Gaven Mize
154 pages, 6 x 9 TPB
Coming Soon (HC) / $11.00 (TPB)

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Beauty and Catechesis is an edition of the Small Catechism, fully illustrated with sacred classical art. It is meant for family catechesis and devotional use, as Luther intended, and for use by the pastors of the church to properly instruct our little ones in the true faith. 

In this edition of the Small Catechism, Rev. Gaven Mize desires to help the young and old alike retain the beauty of the Catechism, not only through Luther’s fantastic words, but also through art, devotion, and prayer; likewise presented is the great litany, and a string of collect prayers. Thus this book gives the reader an opportunity to see the words of Luther in a new way that weaves in history and art from across the ages, and pertinent social economics, while tying it all together with careful and faithful devotions that highlight the wonder and wealth of Luther’s work.

What People are saying about Beauty and Catechesis

“A picture is worth a thousand words, and the Word of God is worth more than the world and all that is in it. In this wonderful little book, Mize combines Luther’s simple and beautiful teaching with a little bit of his own, and illustrates it with the beauty of timeless Christian art. A feast for eyes and heart, mind and soul, this book is a wonderful devotional bringing us once more to the beauty of our Savior.”

Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Pastor Gaven Mize has woven a delightful tapestry richly adding to the prayer life of the church. The blending of classical art, keen theological insights, and elegant prayers make this a must-have for those who love praying the catechism with their family. Young and old alike will find new jewels as the art, catechism, reflections, and prayers draw one deeper into the Scriptures and the Christ who is found therein.”

Executive Director
The Office of National Mission (LCMS)

“Beauty and Catechesis is a book for our devotional shelf, and it will be especially prized for its Luther and Gospel. I am confident you can reuse and incorporate it into your (individual or family) devotional life. And, individuals especially interested in history may especially appreciate some of the narrative devotions.”

Deaconess at The Cranach Institute
Author of Blessed: God’s Gift of Love and Whisper, Whisper: Learning About Church (Concordia Publishing House)

“Mize deftly weaves the Catechism into devotion into art lesson. Without explaining beauty or beating to death a philosophical definition of the same that is bound to get ugly, he simply shows beauty through fantastic examples of master works and through the greater beauty of Holy Scripture.”

LCMS Sacred Artist/Art Historian

“Beauty and Catechesis is a book written for Christians of all ages: for the young Christian who is just beginning to learn Luther’s Small Catechism and for any Christian who is continually learning the truth of the Scripture. Pastor Mize has provided a feast for the eyes and for the soul with gorgeous art from many time periods, Christ-centered devotions, and beautiful prayers, and collects. The accounts of the Old Testament are brought to life, focusing the Christian heart on Jesus Christ. Lutheran Church will GREATLY benefit from this book.”

Trinity Lutheran Church, Millstadt IL
Co-contributor, “Concord Matters” (KFUO Radio)

“With the expertise of a sommelier pairing fine wine with dinner, Mize presents Luther’s entire Small Catechism together with artwork from the masters of their craft, works which are both theologically rich and visually appealing. The author has also written helpful devotional reflections on the text and art which further enrich our meditation on the catechism. Each section concludes with original collects, ensuring that our study is brought to expression in the life of faith and not limited to a mere intellectual exercise.”

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Summit IL & Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hodgkins IL
Bible Study Editor, Around the Word / Instructor at Wittenberg Academy


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