My Little ABC Liturgy Book

Author: Rev Gaven Mize
Illustrator: Ryan Porter
$10.00; 32 pages, 8 x 10 TPB

Please consider ordering this book from your local bookshop, and posting a review. Why…?

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My Little ABC Liturgy Book teaches children the life of the church using the alphabet and gives your children a beauty to grow into.

What People are saying about Feeding the Lambs

“It’s a wonderful way to just teach your children about some of the basics of what they see in church, so that they might know what these things are. A lot of people think: ‘You know, kids: they don’t really like church.’ I don’t think that’s true. My experience with children has been they like it fine if you talk to them; if you teach them what is going on. The same way you take them to a baseball game and show them how to fill out a score card, you’ve got to do that with the hymnal, you’ve got to do that with what the pastor is doing. You’ve got to teach them. If you do that they will get it just fine.”

Host “His Time”, “Cross Defense”, “Concord Matters”, KFUO Radio
Founder, Worldview Everlasting

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