Imaginative Christian Apologetics: Faith Edifying ‘Letters’ Coming from Rev. Sam Schuldheisz

sschuldheiszGrail Quest Books is very excited to announce that next summer we will release our first Christian spirituality non-fiction book. The book will be authored by Rev. Sam Schuldheisz (Redeemer Lutheran Church, Huntington Beach CA), and will be drawn from his sermons and other writings, which are saturated with Christ crucified for sinners, the sacraments, the theology of the cross, and eschatology.

Rev. Schuldheisz is also an aficionado of stories, and a champion of what is known as ‘imaginative apologetics’; these themes come through naturally in his work and thus will be part of the book. He recently wrote, explaining this, “Imaginative apologetics is a vital part of making a defense for the reason for the hope that is within us. Not everyone resonates with a tough-minded defense of the faith. Thankfully the Christian faith reaches both our intellect and our imagination.”

The still untitled book will present the Christian faith in the style of letters, as from a traveler writing to a friend (the reader) from various locations, collecting accounts about that Place which C.S. Lewis described as “a country we have never yet visited”.

Rev. Schuldheisz’s “letters” will be complemented by thumbnail pencil sketches of landscapes or symbols of the Church by Kasandra Radke.

Between now and release date of the book, folks are invited to read Rev. Schuldheisz’s sermons and other writings at his blog, E-nklings, as well as at 1517: The Legacy Project. You can also learn about the latest updates about this new book project via Grail Quest Book’s Facebook page.

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