Kelly Schumacher: Illustrator Joins The Creation, The Fall & The Promise Children’s Book Project

KellySchumacherGrail Quest Books is very excited to announce that Kelly Schumacher will be creating the illustrations for The Creation, The Fall, and The Promise! This book is the first in a planned series of children’s books presenting the rich Truth of God’s Word. Of special focus in these books based on Old Testament accounts will be the profound presence of Christ, the Gospel, and the means of grace in the Sacraments. The manuscript is complete and production on the artwork is expected to begin later this Spring.

Ms. Schumacher works out of her studio, Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts​, making unique works of art that first glorify God and secondly minister to the needs of the church. Each piece is individually made using time honored techniques and materials. The end result is to create objects of beauty, craft, and detail that will serve generations as well as bear the message of forgiveness of sins and hope of eternal life.

You can learn more about Ms. Schumacher’s work via her Facebook page and website.

You can also purchase products featuring some of her art at Ad Crucem​.

GQB feels so blessed to work with such a gifted Christian artist: we cannot wait for folks to see the final book!

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