Grail Quest Books Welcomes Eric Postma

eric-pGrail Quest Books is excited to welcome Eric Postma into the GQB family! Eric will be taking on the roles of GQB’s Public Relations Manager and also a junior publisher.

In public relations, Eric will primarily be helping GQB with its internet presence through such mediums as live chat and Google+ events, representing GQB in fan communities, providing coverage of GQB’s library and authors to websites; he will also be attending regional conventions when his schedule and resources provide the opportunity.

As a junior publisher, Eric will continue to assist co-founders Josh and Kasandra Radke with all of their publishing projects by way of story development and review of content, with the likelihood of him eventually receiving his own projects to manage as Publisher. Josh notes, “While assisting us for nearly two years, Eric has demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for what qualifies as ‘good storytelling’. He is a prolific reader and film/TV viewer. After so many years of this practice he has honed his understanding of Story. Moreover, he appreciates arch-types, research, continuity, integrity, and virtue as vital characteristics of a successful story, which are also hallmarks of GQB’s books and authors. He has all the makings of being a fantastic Publisher in this industry; he is and has been a blessing.”

Also known by his nickname ‘The Viking’, Eric is co-host of Legendarium’s ‘Random Fandom’ video podcast as well as a staff contributor to the website.

“I’ve greatly enjoyed working with the fine folks at GQB in a provisional capacity as a proof reader over the last couple of years.  Now, coming more fully into the fold, I looking forward to even more opportunities to work with new and interesting authors to create original, entertaining and meaningful stories.”


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