The Ryus Conflict, Part 1: Ryus Lost

ryus1Official The Ryus Conflict Facebook Page

Written by: Mike Marisco
Illustrations by: Brian Hickey
Cover Art & Design by: Brian Hickey
84 pages, 7 x 10 trade paperback


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It begins as rumour and unfortunate coincidence. Vessels are lost in the blackness at the edge of the Ryus system. Starships of unknown design are seen over outer settlements. Communications with outlying mining stations fail.

A pattern begins to form, one that threatens the Black Diamond Corporation. They hire the respected pioneer, Neb Oro, to investigate their losses. Together with his sons, Jason and Darryl and the near-legendary mercenary, Mai Salis, Neb begins looking for what might be causing ships and mining stations at the edge of the star system to fall quiet.

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