Humanity Faces Challenges in a New Galactic Frontier in ‘The Ryus Conflict’

RyusPresser1Grail Quest Books is pleased to present The Ryus Conflict, a series of three space opera novellas by Mark Gann, Brian Hickey and Mike Marisco.

In the series, the human race have spread from their homeworld of Akeiron at the edge of the galaxy, expanding slowly, with great effort and cost, to occupy five different star systems. Each time they have sought to grow they have had to gradually and painstakingly tame the planets and moons of the systems that they have managed to reach.

The most recent colony, Ryus, is still largely rough and inchoate, inhabited only by corporate mining operations and gritty, hard-working pioneers prospecting for a new life in a new solar system. The system has a wealth of resources on which interstellar drives depend, amongst other minerals and potential riches. It promises much.

But then things begin to go wrong…

“The frontier, just-scraping-by feel of the Ryus background owes a lot to the Battlestar Galactica series,” Brian explains, concerning the inspiration for the trilogy, “as well as to the likes of television shows like Deadwood. That mentality of absolute self-dependence is balanced, and in conflict with, the powerful but heavy-handed corporate aspects of the social and industrial background. While the feel of their role in Ryus society is similar to the robber barons of the American west in mid-1800s, it’s fed with a much more industrial and modern corporate attitude.”

Part One, ‘Ryus: Lost’, available now, finds the colonists suddenly cut off. As communications break down, first starships, then outlying installations fall silent. Amidst the confusion tensions mount between competing corporations and pirate attacks throughout the system increase. Pioneer Neb Oro and his crew strike out into the darkness to investigate the problems. As the colony begins to tear itself apart, what they find will mean the community of Ryus must unite or be lost forever.

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