GQB Questcast 03 – Deciding to Share a Story, Plot Organizing Techniques, Cover Art

In this episode of Questcast, Josh, Kas, Tony, Ken and Andrew discuss a range of topics including overcoming the fear that new authors have of sharing or submitting their story for the first time, different techniques in organizing a plot to determine its strength and layers, and the importance of choosing proper cover art.

Questcast is a weekly podcast, every Wednesday at 8 pm EST on the Middle-earth Network Radio. Josh and Kas are the Founders of Grail Quest Books, and work as the publishing arm of the Network in conjunction with Oloris Publishing. We welcome all sorts of questions about the publishing industry from people who are able to join us in the Questcast Chatroom during the show. Looking forward to seeing you there!



  1. I can’t tune in at the time your podcast airs, so I’m listening afterward. The part about cover art was fascinating. I have always been interested in doing illustration, especially cover art. Thanks for the information!

    I love (surprise, surprise) single character covers, either close up portrait, or full-body w/background.


    1. Thank you, Diamond! I agree: the cover art discussion is probably one of my favorites as well! This probably stems from my love for movie posters too 😉


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