GQB Questcast 02 – Crafting Characters and Sticking with Their Development

Join GQB co-founders, Josh & Kasandra Radke, Tony Zore (Producer), Ken Asensio, and Andrew Gilbertson in discussing project updates and storycraft. We provide a recap of the ‘WARS: The Battle of Phobos’ #sffwrtcht Twitter chat with WARS writing team (transcript link below)

We take a look at ‘Stitched Crosses: The Audio Drama’ Episode 3, which affords an opportunity to discuss the importance of talking story with others and how this activity can help a storyteller reaffirm the path of a character, even if it may not be popular at first with your audience.

And finally a ‘Shadow of the Stars: Savus’ progress report, and what to do when you are at a crossroads about how to handle a complex main character–especially when it could mean *another* rewrite.


Questcast is a weekly podcast, every Wednesday at 8 pm EST on the Middle-earth Network Radio. Josh and Kas are the Founders of Grail Quest Books, and work as the publishing arm of the Network in conjunction with Oloris Publishing. We welcome all sorts of questions about the publishing industry from people who are able to join us in the Questcast Chatroom during the show. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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