Illustration #4 for Maverick-1 Illustrated Edition: ‘Jump Ship’

Brian says: “This was my attempt to create a spacescape of Phobos and Mars. I tried to envisage what Mars would look like from the surface of Phobos and for that I took some inspiration from the paintings of Chesley K. Bonestell. In the 1940’s, he painted a series of images of Saturn, as seen from the surface of its moons. In many of the paintings Saturn dominates the skyline. I tried to give Mars that same sense of majesty.

As for our characters, I wanted Jack and Ace to look like they where experienced at jumping from a ship in space, so for that I researched images of sky divers to find good poses that gave the effect I was looking for. I tried to make Battleaxe look a little more clumsy. She’s falling in an upright position, whereas Jack and Ace are head first, embracing the dive.”

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