Grail Quest Books Becomes Official Publishing Arm of Middle-earth Network

Grail Quest Books and Middle-earth Network have reached a partnership agreement earlier today that will bring Grail Quest Books within the growing sanctuary and community of Middle-earth Network.

As a result Grail Quest Books (GQB) will become the official publishing arm of the Middle- earth Network. The publishing partnership will result in greater resources for both companies, as well as greater collaboration for the future print and media projects that are in the works.

“I can barley tell you what this means for fans of quality fantasy and science fiction”, says Mark Ostley, Director of Operations for Middle-earth Network. “This brings a whole new level of both original and quality content that will set a new bar.”

Josh Radke (co-founder of Grail Quest Books along with his wife, Kasandra) stated, “Kasandra and I are very honored to be given this opportunity to partner with Middle-earth Network, and also the privilege to entertain her audience. Both Middle-earth Network and Grail Quest Books have some exciting projects from all formats in development, or in production, that we are thrilled to bring to fantasy and science-fiction fans. We also can’t wait to tell readers about the products for Shadow of the Stars, WARS, and Stitched Crosses that GQB already has available and be able introduce you to the wonderfully talented creative teams who are working so hard on them.”

Middle-earth Network is a social network unlike anything seen before for fans of fantasy and science fiction.  Connect with people, and celebrities in the fantasy community from all over the world who share your interests and passions.

Meet and chat with well known authors like Doug Adams, renowned artists like Ted Nasmith and Jef Murray, musicians, scholars, filmmakers, actors, and passionate everyday people who will inform and inspire you.  Take part in lively discussions.  Post your very own blogs and thoughts.  Create meaningful and lasting friendships in a safe and private environment.  We’ve more features to connect than anyone!  It’s all here designed for people like you in mind.

They also have:

  • a 24/7 internet radio channel; complete with both live “talk” shows, pre-recorded podcasts, and dramatized audio entertainment)
  • a fantasy/Hobbit focused news hub,
  • and the Mythgard Institue; specializing in studies related to the great literature and languages of our day, it also encompasses a broad range of topics and technical hands-on learning studies that enable students to realize their dreams. Learn from some of the finest scholars and instructors in the world, at a fraction of the cost of a normal education. They also deliver a more personalized approach to learning with more personal interaction and contact hours than almost anyone. From degrees in Game Design to an M.A. in English Literature this is only the beginning!

Grail Quest Books and Middle-earth Network is devoted to inspiring the world we live in by sharing the world we have in common.

Follow Middle-earth Network, and their other partners and affiliates, on Twitter and Facebook.

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