Venom Gets the ‘Prado’ Effect: A Toast to a MARVELous New Inker at the Top

This is a special day for us here at Grail Quest Books as another one of its ‘family’ has achieved a significant dream. Available to the comic book world today is MARVEL’s Venom #4, featuring Dan Prado‘s mainstream debut and stupifyingly awesome work on four pages in that book.

GQB claims zero impact on his reaching this milestone, as his ink-work on our projects is still awaiting its debut (the projects are still in production). It is Dan’s ‘never quit’ work ethic, his God-given art genius, and the excellent relationships he cultivated with Marvel & DC inks superstar Danny Miki (and other industry pros like NAR!) long before he boarded any GQB projects that has resulted in his reaching this goal. We are truly blessed and privileged to be able to work with him.

So today we celebrate with Dan on attaining this wonderful achievement in comic books. A big thanks to Danny Miki’s ‘Crime! Syndicate’ for helping to make Dan’s dream a reality, and to MARVEL for giving this fantastic talent and person a stage for fans to finally revel in his work. Here is too many many more pages at the MARVEL level!

Below are three pages that Dan worked on. The first was the test page that got him the pages he was assigned; the other two pages are from the actual comic book issue (click on the thumbnails to see Dan’s work in hi-res glory):

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