WARS: The Battle of Phobos, Volume 1 – Preludes

Written by: Nathan P. Butler, Sean E. Williams, and Jim Perry
Cover Art by: Wesley Burt
Cover Design: Brian Hickey (Emagine Media)
352 pages, 5 x 8 trade paperback


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Against a backdrop of a fractured humanity far along the path to war…

The Eathers: On the quest to recover a rogue scientist and an ultra-rare piece of technology XeLabs’ Rangers, Rogan Hallard and Jerlen Krae, and CGC Troopers, Jossel Swin and Jannett Yens, will discover they are caught in a crossfire of hidden agendas, controversial tech, and deadly personas.

The Gongen: Orochito will risk his reputation and family’s legacy to discover a truth that is far bigger than either he or his forefathers could ever have imagined. A truth that brings home the reality that war is inevitable, and ‘Grandfather’ Shocho intends for the Gongen to be on the winning side.

The Mavericks: One family is already good as gone, and Jack Wilgress will be damned if he loses another. He will have to face an old Earther nemesis if he wants to preserve his Maverick ‘family’. But is he willing to lose a piece of his priceless freedom and be dragged into the brewing system-wide conflict?

Featuring popular characters, locations, and tech from Decipher Inc.’s WARS trading card game–including story lines developed by New York Times Bestselling author, Michael A. Stackpole–this trilogy collection of novellas detail events in the WARS universe in the 24th century leading up to the largest battle humans have ever experienced–THE BATTLE OF PHOBOS.

WARS™ is a property of Decipher, Inc.

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