The Adventure of Art: Last in a Journal Series by Artist, Samantha Nowak

WARS™ cover artist and illustrator, Samantha Nowak, has happily agreed to document the major stages of producing the cover art for the upcoming The Battle of Phobos – Gongen, Part 1: “The Great Journey” and Maverick, Part 1: “Firefight at Overwatch Command” novella. This series will go from concept to completion of the artworks, and fans will see the finished pieces at the same time the publisher and licensor does.

In the last post, Sam revealed the final Gongen cover artwork. Here we have the cover art that will be gracing the cover of Jim Perry’s Maverick volume (pending Deciper’s approval)!

Time to work on wrapping up the Maverick cover! All the characters on this cover had character art references for me to work from, along with Cat’s Claw (ship on the left) and the Phobos moon base. The only item with no true reference material was the Fencer (ship on the right), but there was a vehicle with similar attributes that was given to me to pull inspiration from. Add in some atmospheric background and action laser blasts, and this cover is coming to a close.

Working on the Wars licensed property has been a fun adventure for me. In my perspective, since these are established characters it is important for me to get across a person’s personality through the cover art. As this is a way for people to connect to the story and wonder what is going through the characters’ minds. And, since I always enjoy seeing my favorite characters from stories brought to life in art, I want old fans to enjoy the same, and new fans to discover them.

Samantha Nowak is the founder of Samantha Nowak Illustrations, which is home to her fantasy art and original customizable Enchanted Names. Most recently she produced a series of rubber “inking” stamps for Queen Kat Designs based on the theme “Princesses Around the World”.

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