The Adventure of Art: Part 4 of a Journal Series by Artist, Samantha Nowak

WARS™ cover artist and illustrator, Samantha Nowak, has happily agreed to document the major stages of producing the cover art for the upcoming The Battle of Phobos – Gongen, Part 1: “The Great Journey” and Maverick, Part 1: “Firefight at Overwatch Command” novella. This series will go from concept to completion of the artworks, and fans will see the finished pieces at the same time the publisher and licensor does.

Previouslly, Sam revealed a little bit about the location aspect of the Gongen cover art. In this part, we reveal the final Gongen cover artwork, which included a vital bit of brainstorming at the end about the location elements between Sam and Josh to get this piece exactly where they both wanted it!

In this session I focused on the Gongen novella cover. I was really feeling it come alive – and wanted to work it to completion. I needed to finish up the character in the middle, Hijen Orochito. A reference picture of him and the armor were given to me, but the armor in the picture was a future version of what he needed to wear for this cover. So I Googled some Samurai outfits for ideas to create an outfit that could be a precursor for the future armor.

The other aspect I worked on was the cityscapes, both the 21st century Hong Kong and the 24th century Takumi. With Hong Kong completed I used the two pieces of concept art of Takumi given to me to put together the second cityscape.

With all the major elements of the cover together I then worked on what I call “special effects”. The fumes of smoke coming from Hijen’s jetpack, and the stars and space atmosphere. One last character needed to be added, a NoBot face, who is barely visible, but if you look hard enough you can see it looking out at you…

Samantha Nowak is the founder of Samantha Nowak Illustrations, which is home to her fantasy art and original customizable Enchanted Names. Most recently she produced a series of rubber “inking” stamps for Queen Kat Designs based on the theme “Princesses Around the World”.

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