The Adventure of Art: Part 3 of a Journal Series by Artist, Samantha Nowak

WARS™ cover artist and illustrator, Samantha Nowak, has happily agreed to document the major stages of producing the cover art for the upcoming The Battle of Phobos – Gongen, Part 1: “The Great Journey” and Maverick, Part 1: “Firefight at Overwatch Command” novella. This series will go from concept to completion of the artworks, and fans will see the finished pieces at the same time the publisher and licensor does.

In the previous part of her series, Sam started adding the first art layers for the Gongen cover and talked about working on multiple projects at once. In this part, Sam focuses on the cityscapes and getting the basic shapes laid out for the Maverick cover…

For the Gongen cover details are beginning to emerge. The cityscape at the bottom is going to be a melding of 21st century Hong Kong and 24th century Gongen megacity of Takumi. I’ve started with 21st century Hong Kong and Googled some pictures of the city for reference.

On the Maverick cover basic forms are taking place – starting with broad areas and I will work my way to the details. Since the characters on this cover have designs for them I do not have to create characters from scratch, but instead work from the WARS character art given to me for reference material.

Samantha Nowak is the founder of Samantha Nowak Illustrations, which is home to her fantasy art and original customizable Enchanted Names. Most recently she produced a series of rubber “inking” stamps for Queen Kat Designs based on the theme “Princesses Around the World”.

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