The Prelude to The Battle of Phobos Starts Now!

Grail Quest Books is excited to present the opening salvo in WARS™ fiction: The Battle of Phobos series.

“This is going to be offered initially as an illustrated novella series [of nine books], and then collected into three paperback volumes,” explains Josh Radke, editor and publisher of the series. “I am a huge fan of the [currently out of print] card game. We were thrilled when Decipher licensed us the property for the purposes of developing a core story and a specific set of characters from the game, as well as some original ones as well.”

WARS™ is an original property created by Decipher Inc. and started as a trading card game in 2004, in part to help fill the vacuum caused by the departure of their widely acclaimed Star Wars™ Customizable Card Game. The property was largely developed by best-selling author, Michael Stackpole, and quickly branched into the roleplaying genre. “The games were promoted by several pieces of short fiction as well,” Radke says, “but nothing that gave the property a core thread. We want to develop many of the game’s most popular characters and important locations in order to provide WARS™ a solid identity.”

Nathan Butler has been tasked with christening this goal with his first volume in the “Earther trilogy” portion of The Battle of Phobos series. Nathan has contributed to Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars Tales comic book series and published two works of original fiction, Echoes and Greater Good. “It was these that got the attention Josh’s attention and led to the chance to write for WARS,” Butler explains. “My job was to set up the universe for those who hadn’t played the games and while drawing together some of the key players, such as Rogan Hallard from XeLabs and Jossel Swin from the CGC infantry.”

Josh explains that the Battle of Phobos is one of the defining events of the WARS timeline. “The incapacity of the human factions to get along–a relationship that comes to a violent and historical head at the Mars moon, Phobos, in 2388–is a key theme in WARS. The appearance of the Mumon Rift, an element that is familiar to gamers, and the alien races that enter our solar system via its ‘gate’, will up the ante considerably.”

“There’s a strong fan base out there,” Butler adds, “and it’s a rich universe for storytelling. Between the novellas and the comic series, I’m optimistic that his will be a new beginning for WARS, rather than a tacked-on ‘expanded universe’ approach after the fact.”

WARS™: The Battle of Phobos – Earthers, Part 1 “Healers and Hunters” can be ordered directly from GQB’s website until 11:59pm on Sunday December 19th. All orders placed by the December 19th date via GQB’s website will receive a unique sketch card (limited to the first 250 orders). Please see the information on that page for specific details. After the above date orders for the novella can be placed via GQB’s online retail partner, Indy Planet.

Grail Quest Books’ nine-part 110-page illustrated novella series will serve to both introduce new readers to the depth and richness of the WARS™ universe while establishing a specific group of characters who will play a pivotal role in the majority of GQB’s published fiction going forward. The novellas will include 10 full-color illustrations and will retail for $20.00 each. The first volumes of the Gongen and Maverick Phobos novella trilogies, written by Sean E. Williams and Jim Perry respectively, will be released in early 2011.

Be sure to follow all the latest updates as well at the official WARS™ Universe Facebook page. Also be sure to check out an exclusive interview with the author, coming soon!

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