Stitched Crosses: The 12th Century Audio Experience is Here!

After over nine months of production work and two months of waiting for the physical product to be completed, GQB’s debut audio event, Stitched Crosses: The Audio Drama, has finally arrived.

“It’s amazing. The whole process was a whirlwind,” says Josh Radke, the producer of the project and co-founder of Grail Quest Books. “Back in October of last year, this audio drama wasn’t even a blip on our radar. But several opportunities presented themselves within the span of just a couple days and all of a sudden we had an audio production on our hands.”

Kasandra Radke, GQB’s other co-founder as well as the executive producer on the project recalls just how fast everything seemed to come together. “I have a friend attending [the New England School of Communications] here in Bangor (Maine) and she hooked us up with one of their talented senior students. Tony got us access to some quality recording equipment in the building. He also acted as an important advisor of the technical aspects of the production until we found the full-time guy, Joe Harrison. From there I contacted my friend, Vanessa, an amazingly talented young lady in Husson University’s (also in Bangor, ME) theater group. She was immediately interested to play the role of ‘Mairin’ in the story.

“From there, Josh contacted some associates–Nathan Butler and Jim Perry–with connections to the fan audio community. Through them we were able to find Joe as well as all the other principles and supporting cast pretty much inside a month.”

“It’s simply amazing.” Radke chimes in. “Nathan and Jim are authors in our WARS novella project, and here they were able to help out with a completely different project than the one they were contracted for. And not just help, but these two gentleman are right in the center of some of the most acclaimed fan audio projects on the internet.” He laughs. “Would it be cliche to say ‘destiny?'”

The audio drama features the professional voice acting debut of several talents from the UK and all over the United States, some of whom have spent years on the amateur or semi-pro stage such as John Lingard, R. Douglas Barbieri, and Vanessa Martin. Also making his professional debut both as composer and lead sound designer is Joe Harrison.

The story was created and adapted for audio dramatization by Joshua Rothe, who has been trying since after high school to break into the screenwriting circle and finally found his chance with Grail Quest Books. He has a few other original projects lined up with them as well, although his next immediate assignment is to adapt KM Strid’s myth-fantasy universe, Shadow of the Stars, for GQB’s next audio drama production.

This story chronicles the spiritual struggles of Sir Markus, a former Templar knight, in the waning years of the 12th century. He is surrounded by a supporting group of characters that include Mairin, whose love for Markus remains unrequited since their youth, and Sir Charle, a Hospitaller knight who tries to bring peace to Markus’s raging mind and evermore depressed nature.

The drama is available three ways:

  1. directly from for $31.99
  2. as a digital download exclusively from for $17.50;

The official soundtrack featuring Joe Harrison’s music from the audio drama–plus two tracks by Christian rockers, JPT–is also available as a CD version ($15.99) from or a digital download version from AmazonMP3 ($7.99 for the album, $0.89 for each single track).

* * * * * * *

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