Stitched Crosses: Crusade – Music from the Audio Drama

Stitched Crosses: Music from the Audio Drama

Price (CD version): $15.99

Price (Special Middle-earth Network Digital Edition with Bonus Tracks): $8.99

Original Score by: Joe Harrison
Also featuring: JPT (f.k.a. Justpassingthru)

Harrison’s debut score from the audio drama uses strings and percussion with a hint of flute, reed, and chorals to immerse the listener in an atmospheric 12th century setting of adventuring knights, medieval warfare, and soulful reflection. Check out an interview with the composer, and also the official press release for more details!

The STITCHED CROSSES audio drama is also available! 

1. Audaciter per Deus [audio:
2. A Man That Is Called [audio:
3. Markus & Mairin [audio:
5. Night Invaders [audio:
10. Jerusalem Caravan Ambush [audio:
13. The White Cross (Charle’s Theme) [audio:
15. Honour (Markus’ Theme) [audio:
18. Confidite Deo [audio:
19. Let’s Take Heaven (JPT) [audio:
20. Morning Sun (JPT) [audio:

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