Stitched Crosses: Crusade – The Audio Drama [three-disc set]
Price: $31.99 [digital download]
Price: $15.49

Markus (the Templar): Christopher Walker
Charle (the Hospitaller): Tom R. Baynham
Máirín: Vanessa Martin
Lady Dawnlyn: Sarah Gilbertson
The Templar Marshal: Eric Olp
Gerard de Ridefort: John Lingard
The Nameless Knight: Andrew Gilbertson
Narrator: R. Douglas Barbieri

Written & Directed by: Joshua Rothe
Sound Design & Music by: Joe Harrison

Total Run-time (audio drama):
2hours 56minutes

Markus is an English knight hiding from God and his past. The noble Hospitaller, Sir Charle, and the woman of Markus’s heart, Lady Máirín, try to slow Markus’s downward spiral to despair. A letter left by a slain mentor acts as the calling that Markus must return to the Land of Christ, and his failures. There he will determine whether God means to set his conscience free from the weight of his burdens and restore him, or whether he must sacrifice himself to attain his absolution…

Stitched Crosses is a story of faith in doubt and turmoil. Despite being set in the waning days of the 12th Century, the main story and struggles of the characters are as relevant today as any other. As Christendom makes a push to retake Outremer from Saladin’s Muslim forces, historical events and exciting period action serve as the canvas to this story of one knight wrestling with his spirit.

The audio drama is supplemented by eleven uncut tracks from Joe Harrison’s original score, including “Different Horizons”, “The Chapel”, and “The Battle of Jaffa”. These unedited tracks are exclusive to this three-disc set.

The soundtrack featuring Joe Harrison’s score, and music from JPT, is also available as a CD or AmazonMP3 download! Check out the official press release, as well as a roundtable interview with the cast and crew!

(three-disc set)

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