Building Your Brand: ‘You, INC.’

Grail Quest Books was formed because we were tired of waiting for other people to tell us we were “good enough” or that we had to wait for a spot to open for us. I am sure that many of you feel the same way.

Anyone can just decide to start a business or put up a website promoting themselves. It’s quite another to get traffic and commissions and all that. So how does one go from one in a crowd of many thousands to one on a pedestal?

It’s called branding–building up “You, INC.” Grail Quest Books (GQB) started just like all the other small publishers, but we knew we had to approach things differently than so many of them. It isn’t that they have bad stories or no talent. It’s that they thought that people would somehow just start magically streaming through the doors. Another part of it is that many thought, “Well, I’d be happy being read by only 500 people.” Really? REALLY?!

We creators do what we do because we want our art to make an impact, to pull on emotions… to be enjoyed by thousands. Much of this is true for any entrepreneur. If you dream small your results will be smaller. And you can’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You can’t be afraid of criticism or competition. Both should be channeled as motivators to excel. That way if a critic doesn’t like your stuff you can smile as the thousands line up to buy your work.

So anyway, GQB is really starting to get a lot of traction. For an upcoming soundtrack related to one of our comic projects, we have teamed up with a great new rock band (JPT) marked for great things by its music genre. And we have the opportunity to get some other awesome singers as well–some you may even recognize.

How did we get to this point where our brand is now being built up by association with other brands? It’s because we branded ourselves as professionals who were passionate and committed to our success AND those we team up with. There is a large amount of “no compromise” in there too.

Understand we had NO start-up funding beyond the time we and the rest of our team were willing to commit to seeing this company succeed.

You don’t have to start up a whole company like we have. There are many very successful artists out there who market themselves as “You, INC.”. You just have to have a commitment to the time and work it will take to market yourself.

We already knew that places like deviantART, Facebook, and Twitter are great self-marketing tools towards creating a niche. But there is so much more to the internet than most people realize. Learning to harness the internet so that it works for you is where the real power lies in creating “You, INC.”.

Entrepreneurs Wanted.

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