A New Universe is Revealed in The Shadow of the Stars

The traitorous Lord of the Shasar, Helel, came to “the Realm in the Shadow of the Stars” with revenge on his mind against the Lord of Gods. He forged a rebellion that empowered the gods and separated the Realm’s citizens from their Great King. Then, as silently as he arrived, he disappeared…

It is now some five thousand years later in The Shadow of the Stars: Advent. The son of Lord Helel has escaped captivity and enigmatically taken refuge from his Shasar pursuers on Tellron–a planet located in one of the few regions largely untouched by the greater war.

Meanwhile, after a series of decisive battles, the whole of the Realm is at the brink of being overrun by the gods and their servants for the first time since before the Forever War began. But other winds are stirring as the Realm strains under the weight of its ancient betrayal, and the long-forgotten advent of its redemption is about to be known.

The Shadow of the Stars is the creation of K M Strid. “I always had a fascination with angels and mythology, especially Nordic and Egyptian. I spent a lot of time wondering what it would be like if those two groups interacted and fought over some unknown part of the universe.” As the granddaughter of a former Protestant church leader in Germany, and a lover of the Pini’s Elfquest, the Hohlbeins’ fantasy works and such popular German shows as Winnetou and The Rose of Versailles, there was much to fuel a young girl’s obvious natural talent for creativity. By the time she was fourteen, she was tirelessly developing, through writings and drawings, this new world revealed to her.

“The idea actually started with a fan fiction I was writing based on a Japanese anime show about soccer that was popular in Germany,” she remembers. “All of a sudden the characters from that fan fiction meshed with my deep interest in angels and mythology…and everything else I was watching on TV and reading.”

The Shadow of the Stars is set in an epic landscape with elements that will be aesthetically familiar to readers–such as mythical gods, historically-themed cultures, warrior orders and mast-and-sail ships–with architecture, characters, and other aspects very much original to the fantasy universe. And all of these are coming to audiences in a variety of formats, starting with the Shadow of the Stars: The Savus illustrated novella series in 2010 and an audio dramatization of the same in 2011.

“At the heart of the story is redemption and the price that comes with it,” Kasandra says. “That and the power of friendship and self-sacrifice. I know that these themes are not new in storytelling, and I don’t think that they should ever stop being told. The only thing that changes is the presentation of communicating these age-old virtues, and the ways that authours balance the adventure with the deeper meanings of the story to keep things fresh for the community of readers.”

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